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Welcome to Dawn's Light

Dawn’s Light is a collection of grimdark science-fiction novels, novellas and short stories by C. John Archer. Set in the late 22nd Century, the saga will tell the story of how an unwitting group of varied individuals become wrapped up in a centuries old plot to bring about a new dawn for humanity.
before the dawn's light cover

Before the Dawn's Light

A collection of five short stories set in the Dawn’s Light universe available worldwide to buy on Amazon Kindle or read via Kindle Unlimited. This collection serves as a teaser and a brief introduction to the characters, settings and themes of the series.

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Lone Wolf: Coming Soon

Lone Wolf is the first book in the Dawn’s Light Origins series. At the height of the Encroachment War, a young Stephanie Naylor, heroine of Kal’vesk, is reassigned to the UEN’s Security and Intelligence Task Force. However, with promotion and responsibility comes new dangers; some much closer than others.

dawn's light lone wolf cover

Lunar Eclipse: Coming Soon

When a meloran terrorist cell destroys the UEN Titan, humanity orders one of it’s most decorated officers to lead the investigation. Yet as forces across the galaxy begin to align, plans are put into motion and soon the lunar eclipse begins.

Latest Post: The Assembly

The Assembly comprises balarthian, cenarthian, uvaral and zellaili. Together, these species have ruled over the explored galaxy for centuries. Delve into history with this brief article about The Assembly’s origins.

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Taster Books Available

Read for free with Kindle Unlimited or as part of your Amazon Prime subscription.

More Updates Soon

More information about the series to be added over the coming months.

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