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Dawn's Light

By C. John Archer

Welcome to Dawn’s Light

Dawn's Light One Rule for Another

One Rule for Another

Part of the Dawn’s Light short series. When a UEN Security operative is taken captive by alien pirates, Commander Stephanie Naylor and her unit are dispatched to deal with the situation.

Dawn's Light Lone Wolf

Lone Wolf

As the Encroachment War rages on, Stephanie Naylor is transferred to special forces. Soon she’s fighting multiple wars – against melorans, against comrades and against herself.

Before the Dawn's Light

Before the Dawn’s Light

A collection of five short stories set in the Dawn’s Light universe. Introducing characters such as Stephanie Naylor, Matias Kirchleitner and Nykia Lambros.

The Final Great War

A journal entry from Professor Haden MyIntyre, describing the events leading up to humanity's Final Great War and establishment of the Union of Earth.

The Precipice of Change

Karl Malleri was a wealthy businessman and philanthropist. Upon his death, a period of mourning was declared in the North Atlantic Confederation.

The Assembly: Dawn’s Light Lore

In the modern era, The Assembly acts as the self-appointed governors of the explored Milky Way. Their technological, military, economic and political weight is such that few dare oppose their rule.

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From the ashes of a Final Great War, a single power established a new world order. #scifi #grimdark #spaceopera
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Karl Malleri was a respected businessman and philanthropist. He left this message for his son. #scifi #grimdark
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2016 has been a trying year for many. Here's hoping for a happy and prosperous 2017 for all! #HappyNewYear…
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Cover art for next year's #grimdark #scifi release, Lone Wolf. First in the #DawnsLight Origins series.…
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A recovered journal entry gives an insight into events preceding the Final Great War. #grimdark #scifi #spaceopera
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Dawn’s Light

Dawn’s Light is a series of grimdark science-fiction/space opera novels, novellas and shorts set in a hostile future galaxy.


C. John Archer

C. John Archer is a British author and screenwriter, author of Dawn’s Light and contributor to several film publications.






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