Humanity was in trouble. By the early 22nd Century, endless wars, overpopulation, food shortages and dwindling resources threatened to doom the entire species.

With survival as their sole goal, the most powerful nations of the era agreed to finally unite under a single flag, to put aside cultural and historical differences, and seek the long-term preservation of humanity. The majority of Earth nations would eventually join what was officially known as the Union of Earth Nations.

They were successful, initially.

Midway through the 22nd Century, humanity discovered the galaxy’s biggest secret: the secret of advanced spaceflight.

Humans finally joined the ranks of the ascended species and could carve themselves an empire in the stars. Unfortunately, the frontier had already been settled and humanity’s new galactic neighbours were none too keen to share territory and technology with a species they viewed as untrustworthy and warlike.

Several futile conflicts did little to endear humanity to its new galactic neighbours. A federation of the most powerful sapient species, The Assembly, passed trade embargos and economic sanctions, leaving humanity to pick the scraps of the explored galaxy. Every dream humanity had was shattered. Their off-world colonies, dubbed the Fifteen Systems, were based on barely-habitable worlds deemed too hostile, or too worthless for the other species.

But one group sees a bright future for humanity and are now reaching the final phase of a plan centuries in the making, to bring about a new dawn’s light.

  • The Final Great War | Dawn's Light by C. John Archer
    The Final Great War
    A journal entry from Professor Haden MyIntyre, describing the events leading up to humanity's Final Great War and establishment of the Union of Earth.
  • Precipice of Change - Dawn's Light
    The Precipice of Change
    Karl Malleri was a wealthy businessman and philanthropist. Upon his death, a period of mourning was declared in the North Atlantic Confederation.
  • The Last Great War Dawn's Light
    Artifact 247/B: “Reflections on Change”
    In the UEN's Historical Records Office, a journal entry from Marianne Buszinski can be found. It dates from the early years of the Final Great War.
  • Black Siren Dawn's Light
    Final Entry: The Black Siren
    The final entry in a deceased drug user's datapad asserts he knows the location of a mythical crimelord known as the Black Siren.
  • dawn's light
    The Assembly: Dawn’s Light Lore
    In the modern era, The Assembly acts as the self-appointed governors of the explored Milky Way. Their technological, military, economic and political weight is such that few dare oppose their rule.